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Waste Free Loose Leaf Green Tea
Waste Free Loose Leaf Green Tea

Green Tea - Loose Leaf

R 995.00 / kg

Jar Size
375 ml jar
70 g
Regular price R 69.65
R 69.65
1 litre jar
200 g
Regular price R 199.00
R 199.00

Beleaf and Co. Green Tea

Origin: Malawi 

My leaves are sourced direct from smallholder tea farmers on one of the last-remaining family-owned tea estates in Malawi. Here, I’m cultivated in a planet-friendly way, without harming any of the flora and fauna that shares my indigenous habitat. I’m farmed without pesticides, which is better for the earth and your wellbeing.

Flavour: Light and easy-drinking with a soft, smooth finish.

Aroma: Fresh chestnut and hazelnut.

Health benefits: I’m good to your heart and skin.

How to brew me: 1-2 teaspoons per cup, steeped for 1-2 minutes at 70°C. I love being upcycled - please brew me twice then turn me into fabulous compost.

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