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Zero Waste Afrikoa Chocolate Drops 70%

Afrikoa Chocolate Drops 70%

R 32.10 / 100g

Jar Size
375 ml jar
200 g
Regular price R 64.20
R 64.20
1 litre jar
600 g
Regular price R 192.60
R 192.60
2 litre jar
1.2 kg
Regular price R 385.20
R 385.20
3 litre jar
1.8 kg
Regular price R 577.80
R 577.80

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Perfect for baking (or eating) these chocolate drops can easily be melted or chopped up to add to cookies, cakes, truffles or sweets.
The rich Tanzanian soil the cocoa beans grow from gives the 70% dark chocolate tropical fruit flavours like ripe banana with a refreshing lime kick. You’ll also taste flavours such as dried guava roll and dried pear with a lightly toasted hazelnut finish.
Dairy-free. Vegan. No additives or preservatives.
Afrikoa is the first bean-to-bar company in South Africa to produce chocolate
made from cocoa sourced directly from African farmers.  By trading directly with the farmers, they ensure the freshest, finest-quality cocoa beans and empower farmers to create their own sustainable futures.

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125 ml jar R 8.00
375 ml jar R 10.00
1 litre jar R 15.00
2 litre jar R 25.00
3 litre jar R 32.00
250 ml bottle R 12.00
500 ml bottle R 12.00
1 litre bottle R 20.00