About us

The Unwrapped Co. About us - Zero-waste living

The inspiration

Zero waste is more than an eco-conscious consumer decision or fanatical trend - it's a simple lifestyle choice dedicated to reducing what we need and reusing what we can. In the process we get to reduce waste, reduce landfills and embark on a sustainable and environmentally-friendly adventure that positively impacts the planet for those who come after us. 

The challenge

Back in 2018, that was the vision and mission of Marlies Bron, founder of The Unwrapped Co. As a mom, the frustration of sourcing package-free groceries and pantry staples was a logistical nightmare. Who has time to traipse all over town - with little ones in tow - to find stores that have embraced the package-free philosophy? So, with a firm belief that change starts with the individual, Marlies decided to be the change she wanted to see and open her own zero-waste online store. 

The passion

The Unwrapped Co. became the reality of Marlies’ dream to make zero-waste shopping accessible and convenient for all South Africans and to encourage others - family, friends, neighbours and potential converts - to make better choices by embracing a zero-waste way of life, one step at a time. 

Two friends (and loyal customers) who fell in love with this concept of zero-waste living were Precious and Lebo - parents and entrepreneurs with a passion for giving back to the community and the world their children would grow up in. So when Marlies decided to sell The Unwrapped Co. due to the demands of a growing family, Precious and Lebo were the ideal couple to take over the reins and write the next chapter. 

The story continues…

In early 2022, Precious and Lebo bought The Unwrapped Co. Their personal commitment to responsible and eco-conscious consumerism, as well as contributing towards a sustainable and cleaner environment where they get to raise their children, perfectly aligns with The Unwrapped Co’s zero waste vision and goal. 

Together with Arno, who is at the helm of operations, the Unwrapped team are passionate about continuing the ethos and partnering with you on your exciting zero-waste journey.