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About me

zero-waste randburg

I’m Marlies, wife to an amazing supportive husband, and mom to 2 beautiful girls. 

How did I end up with an online zero-waste store?

If my 3yo had a say, my store would be selling pink “Tangled” hair and fairy wings.

The idea of a zero-waste store sprouted out of my frustration that locally available package-free goods are so limited.

I am also fairly new to the zero-waste lifestyle. I am still a far cry from only filling up one eco-brick of rubbish a year.  Although certain transitions were fairly uncomplicated, my biggest setback had to be (and still is) grocery shopping.

I was basically left with a choice:

  • Trip all over town to find package-free or bulk foods, or,
  • Walk to the shops, squeeze my eyes shut and buy.

The goal is to make zero-waste shopping accessible to our larger community.  To make it convenient enough for anybody to give it a shot.

And yes, I’ll be the first to tell you that I tend to backslide more than I move forward. Making a lifestyle change can be pretty overwhelming. But if we focus on one small change at a time (e.g. grocery shopping with reusable bags) we can make a difference.  Here’s to an exciting journey ahead!