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Zero Waste Muesli


R 90.00 / kg

Jar Size
375 ml jar
200 g
Regular price R 18.00
R 18.00
1 litre jar
500 g
Regular price R 45.00
R 45.00
2 litre jar
1 kg
Regular price R 90.00
R 90.00
3 litre jar
1.5 kg
Regular price R 135.00
R 135.00

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Kickstart your day with this healthy and delicious raw muesli.

Contains: rolled oats (50%), pecans, slivered almonds, 4-seed mix, coconut, raisins and a dash of cinnamon. 

The prices quoted excludes the price for the returnable container that will automatically be added to your product should you add any item(s) to your basket. 

The prices for the containers are listed below:

125 ml jar R 8.00
375 ml jar R 10.00
1 litre jar R 15.00
2 litre jar R 25.00
3 litre jar R 32.00
250 ml bottle R 12.00
500 ml bottle R 12.00
1 litre bottle R 20.00