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Waste Free Black Tea Loose Leaf

Black Tea - Loose Leaf

R 180.00 / kg

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375 ml jar
125 g
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R 22.50
1 litre jar
300 g
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R 54.00

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Origin: South Africa 

I’m from the Tshivhase Tea Estates in the lush Vhembe region of Limpopo, South Africa. Having fallen into neglect, the estates and factory were actively revived in 2009. Today I’m nurtured and produced by over 150 people from the local community. Each of these workers gets a share in the success of my sales. Not only is my estate kind to me, but it believes that men and women are equal and that investing in my greater community is to invest in the future.

I’m farmed without pesticides and cultivated in a way that’s kind to the earth and your wellbeing. Some say I also soothe digestion and lower blood pressure.

Flavour: Rounded and rich

Aroma: Delicious rich and thick with malty notes, becoming sweeter as you add milk me to me.

How to brew me: 1-2 teaspoons per cup, infused for 2-5 minutes in freshly boiled water at 90°C. I love being upcycled - please brew me twice then turn me into fabulous compost.

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